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Dominion Dating

One flesh — one mission

Pre-register your profile (backers only)

We invite any eligible Christian single to join Dominion Dating. Our criteria for eligibility are intentionally stringent in order to preserve the quality of our dating pool. Please work through the application carefully, so you can be sure you are not swearing to anything false. It should take you 5–6 minutes to complete.

To verify your account, we require the endorsement of whomever you are submitted to for discipleship. You will need to provide his contact details during registration, so that we can send him a verification form to complete. We cannot approve your account without this, so please speak to him before starting this form.

    Confirm your convictions on Historic Christianity
    Confirm your convictions on biblical gendered piety
    Confirm your commitment to personal piety
    • We require all members to have a track record of consistent discipleship. If you have not yet been under any kind of discipleship for at least three months, you will need to delay your application.
      • If your church has no website, enter its name instead
    Please provide the details of the person you are submitted to for discipleship

    To verify your account, we need the recommendation of your spiritual overseer. We will send him an email to check that he endorses your membership at Dominion Dating. He will need to complete a simple form confirming your commitment to Christian doctrine and piety. This process will take him about 5 minutes.

  • If you are under the pastoral care of a church, please enter the name of the elder responsible for your care, if this differs from your pastor.
    Your contact information
  • We require your phone number in case we have questions about your application
  • What is your marital status?
  • You are about to pull the trigger. Please confirm…

Apply for membership

To protect our users, only verified members are able to view the details of other members’ profiles. If you like the look of this profile, why not sign up for a free trial, so you can check it out?

We are not yet live, but we will soon be allowing pre-registrations. In the meantime, you can still get discounted membership rewards by backing the project.

Terms & conditions

Claim Reward

Receipt of donation & reward, with further instructions, will be sent to your email upon completion of donation. Dating Subscriptions (rewards) may be used by yourself, or shared with others (pending eligibility), and redeemed after August 1, 2021 (launch of Dominion Dating.)


There are no restrictions on eligibility for donating to this project and receiving the rewards offered. To be eligible to redeem Dominion Dating subscriptions (rewards), you must be unmarried, in full alignment with our Member’s Agreement , and able to pass our screening process.


All financial transactions during the months of April thru July 2021 (Crowd Fund) are considered donations and not eligible for reimbursement. Dominion Dating subscriptions, distributed during months of April thru July 2021, are considered rewards (for backing this project) and not purchases. As such, they are not eligible for reimbursement.